Meetings in your area

    A great opportunity lies in connecting with other business women  in your area!

    Entrepreneurs, small business owners and independent representatives are often isolated from other women as they grow their businesses.

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    Our meetings give you the opportunity to meet with each other, share success, offer referrals and present your business to other women in your area.

    Our meetings

    Our meeting formats vary, depending on the needs of the community they serve. Your local Chapter Leader may organize breakfast, lunch or dinner meetings, including: informal potluck and learning sessions; or formal dinner meetings with guest speakers and display tables for your to promote your products and services.

    The purpose of the meetings is to serve the needs of the members. In Roaring Women, you can have a direct influence on the events in your area.

    We welcome all women in business - large or small to join us!

    See all our Chapters here.

    Start a meeting!

    Would you like to start a meeting in your area?

    Roaring Women offers a unique opportunity for women who want to build a networking/support group in their community, town or city and become a local Chapter Leader.

    You do not need any special skills, just a willingness to learn and the ability to communicate with, motivate and inspire women.

    We have areas available in the following provinces:

    Alberta - select areas only
    British Columbia - select areas only
    Ontario - select areas only
    New Brunswick
    Nova Scotia
    Prince Edward Island
    Northwest Territories

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